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About Green Man Enviroscaping LLC...

Company History...

Green Man Enviroscaping LLC had its beginnings in mid to late 2006. It was meant to serve two primary purposes: 1) to bring about environmentally friendly landscaping; and 2) to get its owner out from behind a desk and active in the field, thus living a healthier lifestyle.

It was established as a limited liability corporation in the state of Pennsylvania in July 2007, and was based in Lehighton Pennsylvania. In early 2011, the company relocated to Mount Joy Pennsylvania. In 2012, after a particularly brutal Winter ~ there was no snow to plow! ~ the company shut down.

Earlier roots of the company can be found in the owner's neighborhood lawn and shrub care work during his childhood and teenage years, where he preferred individually hand sculpting shrubs over the quicker, easier, and more resource-intensive electric shears.

As a young adult, a stint as a canvasser with an environmental organization led him to discover a gentleman in Swampscott Massachusetts who was, in Autumn 1991, engaging in natural and organic landscaping. The gentleman offered to care for his neighbor's lawns free of charge if they would use his methods instead of the chemical treatments and more common methods. They refused, and he left his front lawn completely unkempt in response. His backyard, however, was a paradise. And the insects passed through his yard with a nibble here and a nibble there, and then feasted on the predator-free yards of his neighbors. It was a valuable lesson, and it was sent home with some of the largest, tastiest tomatoes ever.

Articles and Media Mentions...

Green Man Enviroscaping LLC was featured, or employees were quoted, in the following newspaper or trade magazine articles:

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~ June 2009, Times News ~ article on edible woodland plants ~
~ February 2010, Turf Magazine ~ The Need for Natives ~
~ July 13, 2010, Irrigation & Green Industry magazine ~ Chippers Off the Old Block ~
~ July 23, 2010, Times News ~ Grand opening held for visitor-education building at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center ~
~ June 2011, Mount Joy Chamber of Commerce newsletter ~ Main Street Flower Planters ~
~ June 28, 2011, Lancaster Online ~ Carbon County landscaping business moves here ~
~ November 2011, Total Landscape Care magazine ~ Snow and Ice Solutions ~

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